As soon as you have devoured the last mouthful of turkey, you will already be thinking about what to do next with that leftover Christmas dinner.

Most households will have plenty of surplus turkey, meat and vegetables after Christmas day, and throwing away all that delicious goodness is simply not an option. By the same token, there are only so many turkey sandwiches you can stomach.

If the thought of what to do with leftover Christmas meat and veg leaves you completely stumped, fear not. We’ve put together a list of tasty Christmas leftover ideas to please the whole family!

1. Simple Leftover Christmas Dinner Pie

Christmas dinner pie

Put your leftover meat and vegetables to good use with this simple festive leftover pie recipe that’s quick and easy to make (and utterly delicious!).

All you need to do is combine your leftover turkey and gammon with your veg and add a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup to create a sumptuous pie filling that is full of Christmas flavour.

This is a completely fuss-free recipe, and for an added bonus, it takes only 30 minutes to bake in the oven.

Discover our leftover Christmas dinner pie recipe and cooking instructions

2. Luscious Leftover Turkey, Sage and Onion Pasta Bake

Leftover Turkey, Sage and Onion Pasta Bake

This recipe is a real time-saver. The dish can be made in advance and cooked when you are ready to eat – giving you more valuable time to rest and relax!

Leftover turkey and stuffing plus a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup are among the handful of ingredients required to make this hearty pasta dish.

The result is a creamy, meaty pasta dish with a tasty cheese crust that is sure to please the whole family.

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3. Leftover Christmas Turkey and Cranberry Ravioli

Cranberry Ravioli

If you’re fed up with traditional British festive fare and the thought of another leftover Christmas dinner concoction, then this recipe could be perfect for you.

Making your own pasta from scratch is always rewarding, but this dish is every bit as flavoursome if you buy it pre-made.

Fill your ravioli with turkey pieces, half a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken and a few other handy ingredients and you have a delicious, creamy and Christmassy pasta dish!

Discover the Christmas turkey and cranberry ravioli recipe and cooking instructions.

4. Christmas Dinner Leftovers Pie

Leftovers pie

A leftover Christmas dinner pie containing, wait for it, pigs in blankets! This is the ultimate festive indulgence and a variation of the Simple Festive Leftover Pie using slightly different ingredients including Brussels sprouts, potatoes and pigs in blankets.

The crucial similarity between the two is that both recipes use a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup to make the dish deliciously complete.

The great thing about this dish is that you can make the filling and freeze it until you are ready to add the soup, throw in the oven and serve with fluffy mashed potato. Easy!

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5. Leftover Christmas Root Vegetable Mini Gratins

Mini gratins

Vegetarians will love this luxuriously creamy root vegetable gratin that is so simple to make – and incredibly tasty!

Take whatever Christmas leftover vegetables you have like carrot and parsnip, combine with a can of Campbell’s soup, add a few more ingredients and bake in the oven.

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6. Creamy Leftover Christmas Turkey and Bacon Mac & Cheese

Mac and cheese

Macaroni and cheese – or Mac & Cheese – is a real winner around the dinner table and especially with children. It is creamy, cheesy, undeniably savoury and goes down a treat when you are searching for dinner ideas!

This recipe uses Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup to bring out the intense flavour of cheese and bacon. However, adding some of your sliced-up leftover turkey as well takes this dish to another level.

Discover the full leftover Christmas turkey and bacon mac & cheese recipe and cooking instructions.

7. Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry Delight


If you are looking to spice up the dinner table over the festive period without spending too much time in the kitchen, this is the dish for you.

Use a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Tomato Soup for the curry base before adding your leftover turkey, a selection of spices and any other ingredients you wish for the perfect family dish.

This recipe uses diced chicken, but you can easily substitute it for leftover turkey.

Discover the full leftover Christmas turkey curry recipe and cooking instructions.

Leftover Christmas Dinner Recipes for The Family

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