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Back in Supply

We heard you! We are back in stock and our iconic condensed soups are back on the shelves of the major supermarkets. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to our brand! Our most popular flavours are back on shelves and ready for your wonderful recipes!  

Goodbye V8

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say a big thank you to all our amazing UK customers for sticking with us! While V8 is saying goodbye, don’t worry, Campbell’s Soup, our awesome sister brand, is here to keep warming your hearts and homes. Big hugs and lots of love! 💚 #ThanksForTheMemories #SoupLove

Whether you are cooking for one or the whole family, there are a range of easy dinner recipes using Campbell’s Condensed Soups to satisfy every taste. Adding just a few, simple ingredients to a can of Campbell’s Condensed Soup with our ‘Small Can, Big Possibilities’ motto will produce amazing results at mealtime and for minimal […]

Soup is commonly a starter in a three-course meal or a tasty lunch served with crusty bread on a cold winter’s day. That may be so, , but did you know it is perfectly acceptable to eat soup as a main course? As unlikely as it sounds, it is completely true and most definitely scrumptious. […]

As soon as you have devoured the last mouthful of turkey, you will already be thinking about what to do next with that leftover Christmas dinner. Most households will have plenty of surplus turkey, meat and vegetables after Christmas day, and throwing away all that delicious goodness is simply not an option. By the same […]

Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a slurp-lus of soup. You can never have too much. Yet, sometimes, you end up buying or making more soup than you bargained for, and you’ll need to store it safely for another delicious meal on a different day. The fact is, not everyone has the time […]

Knowing what to do with your leftovers can be tricky, and often leads us to chuck food away unnecessarily through lack of inspiration. Whether it’s leftover chicken from your Sunday roast or a bowl of veggies you aren’t quite sure what to do with, soup might just be the answer to the problem. Not only […]

  With four fabulous flavours to choose from, make sure you jump on board the Campbell’s Soup band wagon! We’ve put together the best recipes that all have one thing in common… Our Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup! 1. Roasted Vegetable Pasta Cooking up some pasta and veg isn’t difficult, but this recipe is made […]

We have so many chicken soup recipes, we couldn’t just stick to a top 10! From chicken pot pies to quesadillas and risotto, there’s a chicken soup recipe for every taste and every occasion.

What is Condensed Soup?

Developed by our founders back in 1897, condensed soup has been a staple in cupboards ever since. For those not used to cooking with condensed soup, it can be a strange product. However, the amount of soup produced from one can, plus the endless possibilities of how you can use condensed soup, makes it a […]