Mediterranean Dinner Party 

Instill a Mediterranean ambience into your home by creating a Mediterraneanstyle dinner party for all of your friends and family to enjoy. This is a great way to take advantage of the warm British summer and bring some unique hospitality to your gatherings!   

Ways to Bring the Mediterranean into Your Home  

From Italian Pastas to Greek Salads, think fresh and vibrant flavours of Medstyle dining, combined with a cool breeze and succulent smelling flowers. Here are four ways to easily bring the Mediterranean into your home.  

  • Set up outside – because of the warm weather, Mediterranean dinner parties are generally outside. To set up your table, all you’ll need is a few white tableclothswooden chairs and maybe some citronella candles, then your setup will be ready for guests 
  • Integrate some art – the Mediterranean is all about bright colours and exciting patterns. A great way to incorporate this into your Med-style dining is to display some eye-catching pieces of art. Not only prints, this could be in the form of colourful cushions and throws, pretty pottery, and even mismatched glasses or plates.  
  • Freshy cut flowers – spruce up your dinner table with some freshly cut flowers from the garden. They don’t have to be neat and tidy, just grab a bunch of bright ones to add some more colour to the table.  


Mediterranean Home Cooking  

Think vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and salads. Delicious, rich Medstyle food is almost always al fresco style, with a wide range of different dishes to try. In the summer months, popular Mediterranean dining consists of light salads, rice-based dishes, and different selections of pasta. Read on for a few recipe ideas. 

Popular Mediterranean Recipes  

Risotto Baked Peppers Using Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom Soup  

A quick and easy supper solution or crowd-pleasing side dish can be the perfect addon to your array of Mediterranean dishes. These creamy Risotto Baked Peppers look the part and will not disappoint your guestsSee the recipe. 

Wild Mushroom Arancini Made Using Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom 

Using Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup as a base for the stock, instead of wine, makes for an exceptionally rich and creamy dish. These are an ideal canapé treat for all of your guests. Try the recipe.

Wild Mushroom Arancini

Spicy Seafood Risotto  

Spice up your seafood with this uniquely flavored tomato risotto. Simply double-up your ingredients to make a big batch for everyone to enjoy – the ideal Mediterranean family feast. Try the recipe.

Braised Rice with Sweetcorn and Broccoli 

This dish is a lighter option, perfect for a sunny summer lunch. It’s delicious served with grilled chicken or tuna for a healthy and filling family favourite! Try the recipe.  

Chunky Summer Vegetable Chilli 

A lovely alternative to traditional Chilli con carne, this is a great choice for dinner parties if you are expecting some vegetarian guests. The blend of rich tomato and fresh vegetables is certainly reminiscent of a seafront meal in the Med! Try the recipe.

Roasted Vegetable Pasta 

The roasted veg in this recipe adds delightful caramelized flavours to this rich yet creamy dishEasy to cook and loved by family and friends, simply double the ingredients for a big bowl to share in a groupGet the recipe for your Med-style summer soiree.  

While you might not be able to jet off to the Mediterranean this summer, don’t miss out on the amazing food and culture of this part of the world, by bringing it into your home yourself. Keep an eye on our recipes section for more Mediterraneanstyle meals to enjoy at your summer garden party.