Why We Love Vintage Campbell’s Soup 

Vintage Campbell’s accessories have become a well-loved feature in retro kitchens, our merchandise has been popular all over the world for many decades. Discover more about this famous brand, and their story through the ages… 

A Brief History of Campbell’s Soup 

It all began in 1869 when Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson formed a business that we now call, the Campbell’s Soup Company.  Just seven years on, Abraham left the partnership and Arthur Dorrance joined to form a new company in 1882.  

In 1894, when Joseph Campbell retired, Arthur succeeded as the president, and this then ended the association between the Campbell’s family and the Campbell’s Soup Company.  One year later, the first can of Campbell’s ready-to-eat tomato soup was introduced.  

In 1897, the nephew of Arthur Dorrance, John T Dorrance, then invented the formula for what we now call condensed soup. He created five varieties, and as they say in the movies, this is where it all began. 

Campbells Soup Kid 

Perhaps one of the most well-known Campbells symbols in the Campbell’s Soup Kid, first drawn by Grace Drayton in 1904This cartoon mascot for the company became a world-recognized character, which then led to the production of dolls, cards, plates, t-shirtsand cookbooks which all featured this well-recognised child. Today, Campbell’s merchandise is still very popular all over the world. You can find all sorts of Campbell’s branded products, from Campbell’s Converse shoes to Campbell’s puzzles. Check out our Pinterest page dedicated to just this. 


Vintage Campbell’s Soup Tins 

The Campbell’s soup can has evolved over the years, with many changes in itcolour and design. The first official design was the white and gold label in 1897and the more familiar red and white label was debuted in 1898. The new colour scheme was introduced after Herberton L. Williams, the company’s Treasurer and General Manager at the time, saw a University of Pennsylvania versus Cornell University football game. Attracted to the easily identifiable red and white uniform of the Cornell team, Williams decided to implement the change. 

The can went through several design variations between 1898 until 1900, when the current design was decided upon. In 1900, Campbell’s received a medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle. It was then decided that the can design should be modelled after the medal, and today it remains a longstanding symbol of excellence and has not been modified since.  

Campbell’s Soup Song 

The Campbell’s Kid featured in soup commercials, which became a big success in the 60s. They even rocketed Campbell’s to be the sponsor of popular television programs, Peter Pan and Lassie. The song become a global phenomenon, and the growing band of Campbell’s Kids became so easily recognized all over the world. Check out the video below to see if you remember the commercial…  


50s style kitchens  

1950s style kitchens remain popular all over the world, as do war time posters and the accessories within them, which can still be purchased online. This includes the well-known vintage Campbell’s merchandiseThere are many people who love that vintagestyle kitchen which Campbell’s merchandise fits perfectly into. Check out our Campbell’s Through The Ages Pinterest board for all the inspiration you need! 


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Campbell’s has gone through many changes throughout its long history, but still manages to supply the delicious soup that we know and love to our fans across the world, thank you to all of our loyal Campbell’s soup lovers, we simply couldn’t do it without you!