Spring Soup Recipes

It’s that time of year when the days are staying lighter for longer and there’s a slight warmth in the air…just about! It’s time to put away those warming winter casseroles in favour of fresh salads, light pasta dishes and plenty of seasonal vegetables.

Soup? In Spring?

At Campbell’s, we’ve got recipes for every time of the year! Soup works really well in some classic spring recipes, so we’ve pulled out our Top 5 Spring Soup Recipes for you to enjoy cooking and eating in the warmer weather…

5. Mediterranean Rice Bake

This delicious one-pot meal is packed full of fresh Mediterranean flavours! Using one can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Tomato Soup, you can customise this dish to suit your specific tastes. Whether you’re a pure veggie and want to pack it full of cheese, or your fancy adding some spicy sausage, this spring recipe will transport you away to the shores of the Mediterranean.

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Mediterranean Rice Bake

4. Roasted Vegetable Pasta

This is a quick and easy meal which can be enjoyed by family and friends as an accompaniment to a BBQ (weather permitting!) The roasted vegetables bring a caramelised flavour to the creamy pasta, which is made even more flavoursome with a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup. Why not try using seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, spring onions and spinach to make this a true spring recipe?

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3. Gary Rhodes Breast of Chicken with Tomatoes, Onions and Basil, Topped with Melting Cheese

This really does taste as good as it sounds! Made using a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Tomato Soup, this spring recipe is perfect with a light side of salad and some spicy cous cous. This is a great one to make if you’ve got some friends coming over for dinner on a warm, spring evening and you want something to wow them with.

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2. Vegetarian Pizza

We know that pizza can be enjoyed all year round, but there’s something about making your own pizza in the good weather that makes it feel so…Italian. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling (or how much time you have) you can make your own pizza bases, or cheat and buy some pre-made ones!

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Vegetarian Pizza

1. Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta

If you’re looking for a fast, tasty evening meal, then give this spring recipe a try! Perfect when enjoyed with a fresh salad, this recipe combines subtle flavours of chicken and pesto in a creamy sauce using a can of Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup. If you make more than you need then this can always be enjoyed as a lunch the next day!

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budget family pesto chicken pasta recipe

There are loads of sensational spring recipes to try, so make sure you make the most of this season and all it has to offer!

Make sure you check out the rest of our recipe section for more inspiration on how to use your cans of Campbell’s Soup in some spring recipes!