Recycling Soup Cans

Recycling Soup Cans

#RecycleWeek, which begins on the 15th of September for its 17th year, is a week-long campaign celebrating everything recycling and the positive impact it can have on the environment. We’re exploring all the ways in which you can recycle or upcycle your Campbell’s soup cans.

Luckily, tin cans are made from steel or aluminium, which means Campbell’s cans are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed many times without loss of quality. So, if you don’t plan on getting crafty with your cans, do make sure you recycle them to do your bit to help our environment.

Upcycling tin cans

From lamp shades to pencil pots, there are so many ways to get creative with your leftover cans. You don’t have to just get creative with your Campbell’s soup cans either, you can do it with all types of cans. YouTube is great inspiration for upcycling cans, with many how-to tutorials on how to do it using simple DIY materials such as glue and paper, and more complex ways to make use of your cans by creating lamp shades and candle holders.

Tin Can Crafts

You wouldn’t believe all the things you can create with your leftover tin cans and other cheap craft supplies. You can do almost anything, from creating household décor, stationery supplies or even growing your own mini garden. Here a few of our favourite ideas.
Cactus in a can

If you’ve got a passion for plants and want to save yourself some money when it comes to purchasing a new pot, a can could be your perfect alternative. Easy to make, all you need to do is ensure you wash your can out thoroughly and then transplant your cactus inside with damp soil and it will be ready to grow.


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Tin Can Pencil Pots

This is an easy way to create pretty pots for your stationary collection. All you need is some paper, a pencil, scissors, a ruler and glue and you’re almost there. Simply measure out the paper to make sure you cut the right amount to fit around your can, stick, and voila! Get creative with this and use your own paper to create cool designs.

Can Lamp Shade

You can create your own perfect reading light with this Can Lamp Shade step-by-step guide. It may not be as easy as making a tin can pencil pot but making a Can Lamp Shade can be an exciting project to get started with. You can even create a lamp that gives you the perfect amount of light making it easier on your eyes and electricity bill.


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Effect on the environment

By upcycling and recycling your tin cans you can make a real difference to our environment. In 2018, the nation realised that recycling can help us solve some of our biggest environmental problems. With increased awareness on plastic in the ocean, there’s no doubt recycling can have a huge impact on pollution and climate change. That is why #NationalReclylingWeek is so important, it’s about spreading awareness so each one of us can help make a difference to ours and our plants future.
Make sure you use the hashtag #RecyclingWeek and share photos on social media of what you’re doing to help the environment. You might even get featured on our Campbell’s Recycling Week Pinterest board too!