Campbell’s Kitchen Hacks

Think you’ve got it all figured out? Think again, there are endless hack videos out there that’ll teach you a thing or two about storage solutions and cleaning kitchens. But, instead of searching through social media trying to find the most informative hack videos we’ve rounded up all our favourite ones below, thank us later…

Organisational Kitchen Hacks

It’s time to rearrange your draws and start making better use of your file folders! These hacks will allow you to maximise your space making it easier to be organised. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen or you’re making do with your miniature one there is still room for reclaiming space through your kitchen clutter.

Our favourite hack: Putting a celery stick in your bread to prevent the loaf from going mouldy.

Unique Kitchen Hacks

Get rid of your lemon pips permanently with these unique hacks that’ll inspire you to try new things you would have never of thought of!

Our favourite hack: Making pancake mix in a water bottle.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Get rid of those toxic cleaning products and get the salt out! These cleaning hacks will give you an insight into how easy it is to clean without your go-to products. Instead, alternatives include baking soda, salt and vinegar.

Our favourite hack: Using water, vinegar and baking soda to get rid of burn on stains.

Hacks To Reduce Food Waste

Reducing food waste is not only extremely beneficial for our environment but is also very effective for saving your money and time. How much time do you spend making trips to the shops, buying all your food, brining it home, storing it, for it to be wasted? It’s time to get savvy with your leftovers and make sure you’re making the most of what you already have, before taking another trip to the supermarket!

Our favourite hack: Adding hot milk to empty Nutella jars to make chocolate milk.

Life-Changing Kitchen Hacks

These hacks will get you feeling creative with your cooking and certainly a little bit hungry. Simple techniques like these will help a great deal when it comes to making your favourite foods! It’ll also give you some great inspiration for new things to try.

Our favourite hack: Melting Werther’s Originals to make toffee popcorn.

All-time best hacks

Did you know the hole in your chopping board was for pouring your food into your bowl without spilling it all? Or have you ever thought of using a wooden peg to get your toast out the toaster, so you don’t burn your fingertips? It’s time to sit back with your bowl of Campbell’s and enjoy this video of the all-time best hacks that’ll help you with your everyday kitchen life.

Our favourite hack: Wetting the outside of ice cream tub so it’s not too frozen to eat.