How to Serve Soup at a Party

Soup doesn’t always have to be served in a bowl. There are so many quirky ways you can enjoy it, whether it be in a loaf of bread or a pumpkin. We’ve rounded up all our favourite quirky ways you can enjoy your soup, to try at your annual dinner party or even just for yourself! 

What to Serve With Soup at a Party

Soup doesn’t always need to be served in a bowl.

Soup in a Mug or Teacup

Channel your inner Hyacinth Bucket and enjoy your Mad Hatter-style tea party in a slightly different way! Serving soup in a teacup is certainly an unusual and quirky way to enjoy your Campbell’s, and it’s sure to be a great talking point among your guests. Serving soup at a party in a tiny teacup, without cutlery, can definitely present you a with a culinary challenge though. We suggest avoiding chunky soups if you choose this option!

Soup in a Bread Bowl

This is one of the most popular ways to serve soup all over the world. Easy to make, all you will need is a sourdough in a heart or oval shape, olive oil for brushing, and your soup! Cut a ‘lid’ out of the top of the loaf, remove the bread from the inside, bake it and then add your soup. Pop the lid back on and impress your guests with this quirky serving option.


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Soup Muffins

Soup muffins are a very scrummy way to enjoy soup, especially condensed soup. Make the most of the crusty texture of a savoury muffin by injecting your hot soup inside it – much like adding jam to a doughnut. Serve soups to a crowd with this perfect combination of creamy condensed soup and bread. It’s especially tasty with our very own Cream of Mushroom.
Soup in a Pumpkin
Soup pumpkins are quite similar to bread bowls. It’s the same concept, but using a pumpkin instead of bread. This is a more seasonal way of enjoying your soup in a quirky way. In autumn, try serving Cream of Tomato soup at a party in hollowed-out pumpkins. Your guests will enjoy the flavours from the pumpkin oozing into your soup.

Serving soup at a party

Soup in a Gravy Boat

Only use your gravy boats for your roast on a Sunday? Switch up your plate and enjoy your chips, toasted bread or cheese toasties with your soup on the side in a traditional gravy boat. This is a unique way of serving your soup with your toastie, and guests can dip or pour however they please.

Soup in a Sugar Pot

Vintage sugar pots come with a lid, which is ideal for keeping your soup warm, and side handles which make it easy to move. A great alternative to a bowl, sugar pots are perfect for serving soup at a party to give your guests something a little unexpected.

Soup in a Mason Jar

Soup presented in a mason jar is a clean and easy way of serving soup . . . plus you probably have a few scattered in your cupboards already. Make use of them by putting different flavoured soups in each one, and enjoying the array of colours to be seen; perfect for having friends over.

Soup in Shot Glasses

Have a hoot with some shot glasses and watch as your guests are filled with relief when they realise they are filled with soup! A great idea for a light starter or to serve with canapés, you can use shot glasses to enjoy soup in small portions. Be wary of thick soup, you’ll definitely need a smooth blend if you’re going to be drinking it in one go!

Campbell’s quirky ways of serving soup

Take some inspiration from our unusual ways to serve soup, and make sure you share your photos with us on our Facebook Page if you try any out for yourself.