45% of Brits skip breakfast at least once a week. Many people don’t feel all that hungry in the morning, but by 9:30 their stomach starts to rumble. Other people don’t like a heavy, protein-rich breakfast to start their day. Still others just simply don’t have the time to prepare breakfast.

Soup can solve many of these problems. Not only is it light, easy to prepare and warming, it can go with you all the way to work.

So if your toast has become tedious and you’ve become eggs-asperated with boiled eggs, try soup for breakfast!


Benefits of Eating Soup for Breakfast

Soup is Light, Yet Filling

Soup is great because it’s customisable. You can put anything in it. So, if you’re not a fan of a heavy, stodgy breakfast, pick a soup that is light and easily digestible. A bowl of broth can easily fill you up without making you feel bloated and heavy. A light broth made with chicken stock and noodles can keep you going for longer than you might think.

Soup Can Add To Your 5-A-Day

By adding a few veggies to your soup in the morning, you can jump start your 5-a-day intake. Rather than laboriously munching through your carrot sticks over your break, chop them fine and add them to your morning soup. Easy!

You Can Carry Soup on Your Commute

Just like your morning coffee, you can toss your breakfast soup into a thermos and enjoy it all the way to work. So if you’re in a rush in the mornings, make a big batch of soup on the weekend. You can then heat up what you need in a minute or two every morning, pour it into your thermos and have your breakfast on the go.

It Keeps You Warm

In the thermos, your breakfast soup will warm you from the inside out. A good soup can keep you topped up with toastiness as you make your way to work on cold, wintery mornings. You’ll feel much warmer with a soup on the go than the left over heat of a cooked breakfast.

The Combinations Are Endless!

The best thing about soup is its variety. You can add any number of ingredients in any number of combinations, with tasty results every time. As such, you’ll never be bored when you have soup for breakfast. Cereals never change and there are only so many things you can spread on toast before you end up repeating yourself. With a little imagination, you can make a breakfast soup that is different every time. Once made, soup can be frozen in single servings so you can mix and match your soups throughout the week.

That’s Why You Should Be Eating Soup For Breakfast

Soup is flexible, convenient and above all, tasty. It makes a great meal at any time of day, but particularly at breakfast time if you’re busy or just in need of something to warm you up.

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