It’s the season for Camping with Campbell’s! As we come into summer, we expect to see lighter, warmer evenings which encourages more people to go on camping trips.

Alongside this, due to the pandemic more people than usual will be swapping their summer vacation for a staycation, which means more camping trips than ever will be happening in the UK. We’ve come up with a list of important cooking hacks to make this year’s camping trip as easy as possible.

8 Easy Cooking Hacks for Camping

There are many simple ways to make your camping trip stress free. Follow these eight simple steps to make this year’s camping trip run as smoothly as possible!

Store your spices in old Tic Tac boxes

As you’ll never need your full spice cupboard when camping, try to plan and pack smaller amounts of spices. Tic Tac boxes are perfect, as long as the lid is on tight! Just don’t forget to label them.

Prepare Your Food

Prepping your food in advance will ensure you don’t run into any problems while you’re on your trip. You can even prep dried ingredients together to make cooking meals simple.

Pack instant food (Maybe Campbell’s soup?)

Always pack some emergency instant food for your trip just in case something gets lost or broken and you can no longer cook what you had planned to. Campbell’s Soup is a great idea, as it just needs some water and a heat source to cook.

Don’t forget camping cooking equipment.

Aside from a cooker, such as a gas bottle one, you’ll need gas suitable pans for your camping trip. This is especially important if you would normally cook on induction hobs at home. Utensils are also key. It is best to take different ones to what you would use at home, as camping cooking can take a toll on your tools.

Buy eggs when you arrive, rather than taking them with you

If you need eggs, buy them on arrival. Eggs rarely travel well and buying them when you arrive gives you a chance to get some local produce!

Have your s’mores in ice cream cones to avoid mess!

This is a serious hack! Don’t knock it before you try it.

Use empty bottles or boxes as food containers

For example, you could store a portion of baked beans in a water bottle. This will save you space and also get you to reuse items, which is much better for the planet! Just make sure to wash them first.

Don’t go without foil

Foil is an essential for camping. If you’re at all wary of campsite cooking, foil will be your saving grace. Simply pile ingredients into a square of foil, wrap them up, and let heat take its course.

How To Cook Soup While Camping

When camping, there are two methods of cooking. If you’re wild camping, chances are you will either be cooking on an open fire, or on a small Trangia stove.

To cook soup on an open fire, the easiest method is straight from the tin. Simply create a nook in the wood, and place the can in. Stir regularly to ensure it doesn’t stick to the side of the can. You can then eat it straight from the tin if you wish, although it’s safer to decant and then eat.

Otherwise, cook as normal over gas heat.

How To Make Campbell’s On A Camping Stove

It’s simple enough to cook Campbell’s Soup on a camping stove but it might just take a bit longer than usual! Follow these simple steps on how to cook a tin of Campbell’s while out in the wild.

  1. As Campbells is a condensed soup, you’ll need to add in water to make it the consistency you want. We recommend using our can to measure.
  2. Pour the soup and water into a pot and stir until creamy.
  3. Turn your hob on, and get it lit.
  4. Put the pot with the soup in on the heat, and begin to stir
  5. Set the hob to a high flame.
  6. Stir the soup until the centre bubbles soon after you stop stirring. This is an easy indication that it’s cooked through.
  7. Turn the heat down and let it simmer for two minutes.
  8. Decant into a bowl or mug of choice and enjoy!

For more inspiration on how to put our soups to good use, check out our recipe section! If you try out any of these recipes or ideas, post a picture on our Facebook page!