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History of the Campbell’s Soup Can

Most people are familiar with the history of the Campbell Soup Company. As a kitchen cupboard essential for so many years, families all over the world have become a part of that history. Our soup has been enjoyed for people’s entire lives. From humble origins to a global cultural icon, Campbell’s Soup has changed the […]

10 Essential Things All Kitchen Cupboards Should Have

Kitchen staples are the things you’ll use on a regular basis, need in an emergency or are handy to have around just in case. From the basic elements of cooking such as oil and dried herbs, to the staples of pasta and beans, all family kitchens should be well stocked with these 10 things: Salt […]

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The Best Food On The Go

The best food on the go has two distinct elements to it. Firstly, it needs to be easy to grab when you’re in a rush. Secondly, it needs to be easy to eat. When you’re out and about, the last thing you want is something fiddly or delicate that could disintegrate when you’re eating on […]

Summer Soup Recipe Ideas

Campbell’s Summer Soup Recipe Ideas

Summer is nearly here! And when the sun’s out, it’s time to swap out your winter warmers for light and fresh summer flavours. Whether you’re planning a bank holiday family outing or a summer picnic, we’ve got some summer recipe ideas for you! Soups, chilli, risotto and more! Check out our delicious summery offerings…

World’s Weirdest Soups

We may all think that a soup’s a soup, right? It’s one of those beautifully simple, you-know-what-you’re-getting-when-you order-it kind of foods. Wrong. It turns out there’s a whole other world of soup…delicacies out there that we’ve never had the pleasure of being introduced to!

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Our Top 10 Soup Toppings

Is your New Year’s Resolution to eat more healthily? Eating soup as part of a varied and balanced diet is a great way to ensure you’re fueling your body and giving it more of what it needs.

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Christmas Recipe Roundup

As we’re fast-approaching Christmas time there’s usually one thing that’s on all our minds … Food! There’s so much planning, preparing, cooking and consuming to do over the next few weeks that, at times, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Especially as you want everything to be perfect.

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Ultimate Comfort Food Countdown

The clocks have gone back, Halloween has passed and Bonfire Night is over… We’re officially on the countdown to Christmas and, as the cold weather sets in, we’re starting our binge on comfort food!

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The World’s Top 5 Spiciest Soups

Do you think you’re good with spicy food? Whilst your friends are sat there sweating quietly, are you simply shovelling down the spice without a second thought? Well if you fancy putting your spice levels to the test, you should check out the world’s top 5 spiciest soups…

How To Make A Week’s Worth Of Dinners On A Sunday

Make the most of your evenings by prepping your meals all in one go! While away your Sunday afternoon getting your meals ready for the week, so when you come in from work and don’t fancy cooking, you don’t have to. Meal prepping is an easy and convenient way to eat tasty and nutritious meals […]